Sheldon Bueckert Bio ~ Painter, Illustrator and Concept Artist


Sheldon Bueckert was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1963. His family moved a year later to Edmonton Alberta where he would spend many days with his brother, Rance, on the outskirts hiking through the farmers fields that were close to his home. There he would gain appreciation for the beauty of landscapes and wildlife that surrounded these locations. Sheldon spent many days sketching while his brother would photograph during their hikes. Sheldon gained his interest in photography through his brother. During his early years Sheldon also gained an interest in science fiction and comic book art.


Sheldon's family moved to Red Deer Alberta in 1977. His early teens growing up in a community interlaced with forests and parks, had a profound effect on shaping his early artistic years. During his time in high school at Camille J. LeRouge he was introduced to painting with oils and acrylics. After graduating from high school, Sheldon attended the Red Deer College where he would take further courses in art and traditional painting from the renowned local artist and painter Dave More. Dave taught Sheldon solid foundations and appreciation for painting and how to view the world and translate it artistically. Shortly after, Sheldon volunteered at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre located in Red Deer where he would create the centre’s very first logo and brochure. He helped organize one of their first art exhibits in the Marjorie Wood Gallery entitled "The Art of Nature".


In 1986, Sheldon and his wife Donna moved to Calgary Alberta where they currently reside. Sheldon attended SAIT during the late 80’s, enrolled in Print Management Technology and earned his degree in graphic arts and commercial print. Currently, Sheldon is in the commercial print industry where his artistic talent can be found in many of his customers printed materials. He also devotes much of his time to his art creating illustrations and paintings which he exhibits his works at local comic conventions and venues. Sheldon’s future plans include branching out to other North American comic conventions, engaging with his client base and creating many more original works of art.

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